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Elliot Menschik

Over-educated serial entrepreneur helping the next generation of founders more effectively take earth-shattering ideas to a successful conclusion.

In addition to founding and leading Venturef0rth, Elliot is a Managing Director of DreamIt Health, faculty at the University of Pennsylvania where he teaches in the Engineering Entrepreneurship program, and the founder and managing director of Acuity Health a strategic consulting practice focused on healthtech.

Elliot was previously the founder and CEO of HxTechnologies, a pioneer in health information exchange which he sold to MEDecision in May 2009. Following the acquisition, he served as General Manager at MEDecision with responsibility for commercializing health information exchange (HIE), electronic health record (EHR), personal health record (PHR) and telehealth products and services.

Elliot is a physician, neuroscientist, engineer and once-upon-a-time-hacker.  While he hasn’t coded much in the last few years, he got his start in 4th grade writing a version of the game Pong in BASIC for the then-cutting edge Commodore PET.   Some years and many languages and projects later, he is the inventor and author of multiple patents and patents pending.

On the academic side, Elliot has been active in teaching and research.  He’s been the author of and principal investigator for numerous research grants from the National Institutes of Health that funded HxTechnologies in its earliest days.  He has also led research on the economics of fragmented healthcare delivery nationwide. He previously served on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Bioengineering and at annual meetings of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). He has been an oft-invited speaker on the subject of imaging and health information exchange and is the author of numerous peer-reviewed papers ranging from medical informatics to computational neuroscience.

An NIH Fellow in the Medical Scientist Training Program, Elliot received an MD and PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine following his work on memory function and Alzheimer’s disease developing and exploring massively-parallel computer models of the brain.

  He holds MSE and BSEE degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University following work on microprocessor and chip design.

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