Help us find the Venturef0rth Crew Chief!

What’s a crew chief you ask?

The crew chief ensures that Venturef0rth members and the broader Philadelphia startup community have outstanding experiences every day they’re here where they’re building and scaling their businesses.

We’re looking for someone mission-driven, passionate about helping us build and support the startup community. We’re looking for someone who runs towards challenges, not away from them. Our chief should be unafraid to ask questions and realize that failure is as important to learning as success. The chief will be the first impression many will have of Venturef0rth and, often, the first contact with Philadelphia’s startup ecosystem. The role as brand evangelist and ambassador is not something to be taken lightly.

The crew chief be at the center of a rapidly growing community where everyone is working on the next big thing, focus is essential, time is of the essence. We’re looking for a people person who is stoked about working in multiple roles including hospitality, space management, events management, marketing, and community building. While our chief will spend some time behind a desk plying his/her expertise with digital tools, no small part of his/her time will be moving in and around our 11,000 sq ft facility, engaging with our members, making sure things are where they need to be and that our members have what they need.

At the same time, the chief will be leading multiple initiatives for Venturef0rth and responsible for all dimensions of their successful and timely execution. Our crew chief owns it and is expected to roll up his/her sleeves, function autonomously, and anticipate needs, roadblocks, or curveballs. The chief needs to be organized and detail oriented with the tenacity to follow up and follow through and sometime walk through walls. The chief needs to share our sense of urgency and believe that no job is too small. He or she is on the front lines of the tech startup world, but the cavalry isn’t coming…the chief is it.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

If so, we’d like to meet so please reach out to us at