The tour.

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Almost as good as being here.

(But feel free to stop by.)

  • Welcome.

    Hardwood floors. Exposed brick. Industrial steel walls. Revealed duct work. One foot into venturef0rth and you’ll know. This is not your father’s shared work space.

  • Getting down to it.

    Your first steps in venturef0rth are across a refinished mid-century hard wood floor, surrounded by contemporary decor that instantly throws your brain into high gear.

  • Great reception.

    Leather and lap top tables await your guests in the reception area. Industrial yet warm, this inviting corner of venturef0rth was developed to ensure that your visiting guests know that you are up to something big.

  • The living room.

    Smack in the middle of the shared work space is the living room. Leather sofas, lap top tables and coffee tables that you’re allowed to put your feet on.  What good idea wasn’t born in someone’s living room?

  • Private parts.

    Collaboration is where it’s at. But sometimes, you need private time. For important calls, break out sessions or just break ups…

  • Ping.

    Totally trite, very San Fran 2001, and yes, completely necessary. Changing the world is daunting – make some time to annihilate your co-workers on the table.

  • Go f0rth, faster. The venturef0rth bicycle fleet.

    Big meeting? Cross town traffic-averse? Just want to look like a hipster? Access to the venturef0rth bicycle fleet comes standard.

  • Hello, chairman.

    You’ll be on your rear a lot. Why not treat it to a Knoll Life chair. When it comes to productivity, we’ve spared no expense: Knoll truly is the throne of champions.

  • Get a room.

    “Hey, you wanna get outta here?”  Totally.  Ten Venturef0rth break out rooms are just steps away, 24×7.  No excuses.

  • Space. And Beyond.

    Wide open inspiration or private office time – If you can’t build it here, you can’t build it anywhere.