Musings on the road less travelled


Learn how to build a kickass sales team

Earlier this week, we hosted an event all about building a kickass sales team. It was awesome. Louis Hayner, managing partner of The Hayner Group, laid out the reasons why a strong sales team will make all the difference for the success of your startup. At the end of the presentation, everyone and their mom asked to see the deck. ...


Meet a member: FastFig

Get to know another one of the companies that calls Venturef0rth home - one with a whole lot of personality. The threesome of FastFig have been buds since middle school, and are building the coolest product - a word processing for math. I promise - this is a fun interview to read. Tell us your 15-second elevator pitch. FastFig makes ...


Meet a member: SnipSnap

Who doesn't love a good coupon? Definitely not these guys. Enter - SnipSnap. The SnipSnap team was one of the first to move into our coworking space, way back when (...2012), and is currently our largest company with 10 awesome employees. They set out to make couponing easier, and that they have. After a year of existing, they already ...


This is how Venturef0rth does Halloween

...With a bake-off, obviously. While the overall costume-to-member ratio wasn't at an all time high, the costumes we DID see were epic enough on their own. We're proud to say that we have our very own in-house "Dude" (would you believe us if we told you his name was actually Jeff Labonski?) and in true startup style, a "Series A Round." ...