• Conspire. Conspire.
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of innovation.
  • Create. Create.
    Inspired by an avatar of invention.
  • Capitalize. Capitalize.
    Pioneering liquidity and commerce since 1791.
  • 24x7x365. 24x7x365.
    Because progress doesn't sleep.

Base camp for the tech titans of tomorrow.

The space.

Simply the most progressive and inspiring shared workspace in the region. 24x7 access to dedicated workstations, private offices, conference space, data center, café, and of course ping pong.

The support.

You don't have the luxury of repeating mistakes others have already made. Our founding team of serial entrepreneurs has seen it all from inception to exit. Here when you need it, invisible when you don’t.

The events.

Building on the superb programming already available in the region, we host a range of events spanning technology, business and design open to the community.

Co-working for startups.

We know from experience that building the next great enterprise is a marathon and not a sprint. But we also know you're impatient, or you'd be working for the man.


A place to work and thrive on the energy of your peers is just the start. Having built successful companies ourselves, we anticipate your needs as you grow. We aim to do whatever it takes for you to stay lean and focused on unrelenting execution.


Meet some of our members